Log #329

Posted: April 1, 2018 in 3: Heroic
Tags: , ,

Word Count: 1874

Level Achieved: Heroic

Project: Faylinn (F-YA) 

Summary: Wrote a bunch of stuff today: the main character Asa meeting one of the antagonists, some descriptions of the group of antagonists (collectively known as “the Bakru”), and a possible beginning of the book with Asa and her guardian, Zurla.

Editing: Name substitutions in the original fanfic.

SPECIAL:  Camp NaNo has begun! For various reasons, I’ve put Mariner Sequence on hold (again) and began playing with another fanfic modification. Currently it’s called “Faylinn” for the name of the world, and the main inhabitants are fae-like nonhumans called “Ellu.” It’s supposed to be a Young Adult (YA) fantasy, because I haven’t written one of those before, so why not? I was editing older content during March for NaNoEdMo but decided it was time to do some content generation. So here we are with a 25,000-word goal for the end of April.

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