Log #474

Posted: November 28, 2020 in 1: Easy
Tags: , ,

Word Count: 810

Level Achieved: Easy

Project: DragonFriend (DF)

Summary: Yeah, definitely not going to reach 50,000 words, but again, it’s an even year and so that’s okay. (Aside from my initial NaNo in 2010, I have never won on even years, only odd ones.) And that’s okay, I’m just really drained and wanting to play Skyrim on my all-too-short vacation rather than working. My goal is to reach 40,000 words and I think that is still doable. Only need about 3,000 or so to do that.


Hagan just stood there, frozen. “It should be here,” he said numbly. “They should be here.”

Gremwing took Hagan’s hand and gently turned the wizard away from the empty spot. “They aren’t here now,” he said gruffly, “so let’s get out of here so we can go look for them.”

Editing: None.

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