Mission Briefing

The purpose of this blog is to provide a tracking system for my personal foray into The Legendary Novel Writing Challenge.  Each day I will post how many words I wrote, what level I reached, and a brief summary of what I accomplished.  (It probably won’t be detailed or make much sense to anyone on the outside, as I like avoiding spoilers.  ^_^)  I’ll also note any editing I’ve done on my various projects or other notable creative updates.

I hope that other people can incorporate LeNoWriCha into their writing routines.  As of now, I don’t have the knowledge or money to set up a site like the one offered by NaNoWriMo for people to join and share in a writing community.  But I would love to hear if and how other people are doing if they decide to try this, and maybe see some other LeNoWriCha personal blogs pop up!  Happy writing!

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